Ensemble La Rêverie :: Juan Manuel Rubio, santur, oud & Palmira Irisarri, soprano & Esteban Canyar, guitar & Ángel Martín, percussions & Yolanda Campos, mezzo-soprano & Inmaculada Gómez, flute, castanets


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our third album:

our second album:
Ancient Mosaic with Guitar

our first album:
Soul of String

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the artists

       Esteban Canyar

       Juan Manuel Rubio

       Palmira Irisarri

       Ángel Martín

       Inmaculada Gómez

       Yolanda Campos



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The musicians of La Rêverie

La Rêverie was founded by Juan Manuel Rubio and Esteban Canyar, two Andalusian musicians.
Together they created and edited the album "Soul of String", published in 2010, an album with an important audience all around the world.
Both artists have a large experience as composers; each of them has recorded several albums. Skilled string performers, they work in different formations giving concerts in many countries.
They share the passion for music.

More excellent musicians joined the ensemble in new projects: Palmira Irisarri, soprano, Angel Martín, percussions, Yolanda Campos, mezzo-soprano and Inmaculada Gómez, flute and castanets.

You will find more details in these links:

Juan Manuel Rubio

Esteban Canyar

Palmira Irisarri

Ángel Martín

Inmaculada Gómez

Yolanda Campos

JuanMa Rubio tocando el santur - La Rêverie

Juan Manuel Rubio playing the santur - La Rêverie          


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