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The musicians of La Rêverie

Juan Manuel Rubio

Multi-instrumentalist essentially of self-taught orientation, born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) on May 30th, 1972, a waning moon night.

His interest in ancient, ethnic and traditional music has led him to progress in an endless pilgrimage through different musical instruments such as Rabel, Hurdy-gurdy and other instruments from the Iberian Peninsula tradition, or the Crwth Harp from the Welsh bardic tradition. A more recent exciting discovery is Arabic, Turkish and Persian music under such illustrious teachers as Amin Chaachoo (Tetuan), and Oruç Guvenc and Necati Çelik (Istanbul) with whom he excels in the interpretation of the Oud.

Juan Manuel Rubio playing the oud.

Juan Manuel Rubio playing the arabic lute.

In Istanbul he also began his training as an interpreter of Turkish Santur, Qanun Baglama and Saz with outstanding teachers such as Suhat Baktagir, Tarik Aydoglu and Osman Aksu.

This ongoing training has today led him to specialize in the interpretation and study of these and other instruments such as Rebec, Fiddle, Kemanja, Qanun, and Lute.

Since 1999 he has participated and collaborated in different ensembles specializing in the interpretation of Early, Traditional and Eastern and Mediterranean music such as ábrigu, Bran Ruz, Alquimia, Arte Factvm, Caravasar, Estambul, El Sombrero del Alquimista, Capella de Ministrers, L'ham de Foc, Ross Daly, Samarcanda, Mediterranea, Zejel, Durendal Ensemble, Capilla de Música Antigua de Chinchilla, Estampida Real, Yasmine Levy, Dufay Collective, Estampie, Tétouan Conservatory Orchestra, Schola Gregoriana Hispana.

With these groups he has participated in festivals and major scenarios dedicated to Early and Traditional music all around Spain (Gijón, Sevilla, Barcelona, Girona, Cáceres, Valencia, Castellón, Granada, Toledo, San Sebastian, Salamanca, etc.) and the world (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, Germany, France, People's Republic of China, USA, Greece, Netherlands, Brazil, Cuba, etc.)

(translations by Juan Manuel Rubio and Joe Zaccaria)


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