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cd Alma de cuerda, de La Rêverie: Juan Manuel Rubio y Esteban Canyar

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Product Specifications:

Audio CD "Soul of String"
(total length: 43'45"), in plastic case with 8 pages booklet partly in color (text in English). Artistic edition by and signed by the musicians of La Rêverie.
Product nr.: SoS-00f
Producer: La Rêverie (Juan Manuel Rubio and Esteban Canyar)
© La Rêverie 2010

Audio CD "Ancient Mosaic with Guitar"
(total length: 41'23"), in plastic case with 8 pages booklet partly in color (text in English). Artistic edition by and signed by Esteban Canyar.
Product nr.: AMwG-00f
Producer: La Rêverie (Esteban Canyar)
© La Rêverie 2011

(total length: 49'), in jewel case with 4 pages booklet in color (lyrics).
Product nr.: CAN-00f
Producer: La Rêverie (Esteban Canyar)
© La Rêverie 2014

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I will pay in advance by bank transfer or Paypal, in EURO, the amount corresponding to the number of disks plus shipping costs to my country (ie total amount).
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