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Listen to New, Unreleased Music
arranged and performed by
La Rêverie

compositions by Luys de Narváez

Esteban Canyar: Spanish guitar
Juan Manuel Rubio: Turkish santur
Ángel Martín: percussion
Palmira Irisarri: voice

unpublished music themes arranged and performed by La Rêverie: preparing the recording
La Rêverie: preparing
the recording of new music themes

Two pieces composed by Luis de Narváez (1500 – 1550)

 1..... Canción del Emperador / The Emperor's Song ......................................... (Luis de Narváez)
 2..... Y la mi cinta dorada - Diferencias Tercera y Cuarta - Seys libros del Delphin (Luis de Narváez)

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Arrangements and Performance:

Musical arrangements: The Rêverie - Esteban Canyar, Juan Manuel Rubio, Ángel Martín, Palmira Irisarri
Performers: Esteban Canyar (guitar), Juan Manuel Rubio (santur), Ángel Martín (percussion), Palmira Irisarri (voice)
Recording and mixing: Esteban Canyar


La Rêverie: during the recording session

La Rêverie: during the recording session


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