Ensemble La Rêverie :: Juan Manuel Rubio, santur, oud & Palmira Irisarri, soprano & Esteban Canyar, guitar & Ángel Martín, percussions & Yolanda Campos, mezzo-soprano & Inmaculada Gómez, flute, castanets


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Ancient Mosaic with Guitar

our first album:
Soul of String

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How to get the music
and the albums

performed by La Rêverie

cd Alma de cuerda, de La Rêverie: Juan Manuel Rubio y Esteban Canyar

The music of our albums Soul of String, Ancient Mosaic with Guitar and CANTICA
can be enjoyed in many ways:

- You can freely listen Soul of String using our Flash player, or all of our albums at magnatune.com

- You may download the music and the album artwork etc. at magnatune.com, as wav files,
   in mp3 quality or in other formats, joining the magnatune membership.

- You may order the digital albums (mp3 or wav, with artwork and booklet in pdf) or the physical cd
  CANTICA via our contact form.

- You can buy single tracks or the entire albums downloading the music in high quality mp3
  at Amazon: Ancient Mosaic With Guitar    Alma de Cuerda · Soul of String    Cántica.

- You can download our musics from eMusic.com, in high quality mp3, joining the eMusic

- You can listen and download the music from iTunes or at Spotify.


Alma de cuerda, de La Rêverie: Juan Manuel Rubio al santur y Esteban Canyar a la guitarra

La Rêverie: Juan Manuel Rubio -Turkish santur- and Esteban Canyar -Spanish guitar-


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